Big Horn Golf CourseBig Horn Golf Course is located in Palm Desert California and is one of the most prestigious and beautiful golf and residential communities in the world. Founded in the early 1970s Bighorn has become an innovative community that offers a natural, architectural, social and recreational lifestyle.

The Big Horn Clubhouse renovation began in July of 2016 and was completed in November 2017. The 16 month renovation was accomplished with the collaboration between a magnificent design and construction team. At eos we are proud to be part of the renovation effort, which included hundreds of individuals making contributions to its speedy completion.

The eos CURVED LIghtPanel™ is a versatile thermoformed lighting fixture that can be integrated and shaped to adjust to the curvature of retail displays and architectural features. The eos CURVED LIghtPanel™ System in 2700k is integrated in all the retail displays in the clubhouse gift shop. Retail designers and fabricators coordinated manufacturing of the curved clothing and accessory displays with our lighting experts.

The eos CURVED LightPanel™ create a soft glow that highlights the merchandise displayed in the fixtures, while creating a friendly and welcoming retail environment.