Commercial Office Space

Cosmo Int’l Fragrances

New York, NY

Project: Custom Overhead Task Lighting for Office Space

330 sheets of 4000K EOS Basic LightPaper 1100 (PPR) was installed overhead in corridors,
individual offices and conference rooms to internally illuminate a unique stretch fabric ceiling.
This installation required on-site customizations for 15 non-uniform overhead shapes.

The client chose LightPaper over LightPanels due to the quick customization capabilities onsite,
the High CRI at 98.2, and the high brightness capability at 1100 lumens per sq ft.

This versatility of EOS cuttable LightPaper was required to cut to shape in order to work around
an existing sprinkler system and fit the unique shapes onsite with the ability to make quick
changes in the field.

The installation was also able to be easily installed by just two workers in a short time, due to its
quick connections, light weight nature, and the in-depth, easy-to-read EOS-provided custom map
of installation instructions, including drawings and sheet labels.