Marriott Residence Inn San Jose Cupertino

Cupertino, CA

In this project EOS helped the Architect and Lighting Designer create a feature backlit curtain wall in 3 towers standing 5 stories tall.

With the Basic LightPanels mounted behind the specialty glass ranging from 8″-22″ in different areas, EOS was able to properly create multiple uniform backlit features without seeing any hotspots.

To be compliant with California Title 24 we provided panels with reduced power in 5300k with only 2 edges of LEDs and along the perimeter illuminated.

Further, where the supports were anchored to the concrete for the glass, EOS provided Custom Light Panels to create a notches to negotiate the supporting anchors.

The new 180-Key Residence Inn Hotel is located in the heart of Silicon Valley near the new Apple Campus, the 5-story project of 140,000 SF provides upscale interiors, 6,500 SF of combined meeting space & bar area, and expanded F&B offerings in the new 18 acre development.

Architect: Architects Orange,

Lighting Design: Lighting Design Alliance,