Light Paper

What is EOS LightPaper?

LightPaper is a premium LED backlighting material that is thin and lightweight. It is flexible, cuttable, modular and quick to install. You can wrap it around curved surfaces, make custom shapes with it and use it as illuminated inner building material to make textured and translucent objects shine. It is available in several lumen package options and color temperatures.

Are there different types of LightPaper?

LightPaper is available for indoor use in white, tunable white, RGB, RGBW and “All in 1” (RGB and tunable white), plus diffused white (for super-low setback) –– and now EOS has added Dim-to-Warm LightPaper to the series in two varieties (3000K to 1800K when dimmed, and 2500K to 1800K when dimmed).

Can LightPaper be used Outdoors?

There are four types of Outdoor LightPaper, as well, which are rated for damp or wet locations (not fully submerged in water, however). These include basic white, tunable white, RGB and RGBW.

What is “setback”?

Setback is the term used to describe the distance needed between the LED backlighting and the surface of the material being lit from behind.  The beauty of LightPaper is that it’s suited for super-shallow setback starting at 1/4″, depending on the transparency of the illuminated material. Most can be evenly illuminated w/ 1 – 2″ setback. We fully recommend creating a mock up prior to specifying the job.

How is LightPaper mounted?

LightPaper is backed with industrial-strength 3M tape. Just peel and stick! However, you may also pin, staple or nail LightPaper at the intersections of marked, dashed lines upon which the LightPaper can be cut.

Is all LightPaper cuttable into 1” squares?

Actually, different types are LightPaper have different dashed lines upon which cuts are possible. Some are in 1” squares. Others are in strips. While others are in larger rectangles.

Are modular, custom shapes only achievable when clients/installers cut it themselves?

Actually, EOS Light offers tiling services as an adder upon request. Although this comes at an incremental cost, it also can save time – and save the expense of ordering extra material in case of any cutting errors. Additionally, with EOS tiling service also comes precise installation instructions made just for you and with labeled, delivered materials to match, for the quickest install possible.

Is LightPaper only cuttable in advance?

No! The beauty is that you may cut the LightPaper along the dashed cut lines of the material even as late in the game as on the job site during installation. This tremendous benefit of LightPaper means no time lost if an obstruction is unexpectedly discovered. For instance, at one EOS LightPaper installation, a client found that they had failed to account for a sprinkler head during the planning. No problem and no delays! Just a pair of common scissors saved the day with versatile, cuttable LightPaper.

What is the lead time for LightPaper?

For small orders, EOS LightPaper has a lead time of 21 days, which includes production time + shipping. For large projects, please consult an EOS team member for an ETA when ordering.

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