Can LightPanels be made to size?

Our LED Light Panels and LED Light Boxes can be made to custom sizes with the following limitations: LED Light Panel maximum dimensions: 157″ x 63″ (~15 feet x 5 1/2 feet) or 118″x78 (~7 feet x 10 feet).

What are lead times for custom size LightPanels?

Fast, very fast. A standard order is produced in under 7 days and shipped via air. Most orders arrive at the customer’s door within 14-21 days after being placed. (Due to COVID-19, possible lead times may be extended). Larger orders require more lead time and usually make air shipment not a viable solution. In that instance, ocean cargo would be used which generally takes 3-4 weeks of transit to arrive at the port, which includes transport time from there to the final destination. Compared to our competitors offering similar products, our lead times are significantly shorter, as we have a higher capacity to produce these products than anyone in the world.

What makes EOS LightPanels superior, ideal solutions?

In short, our light panel technology is an ultra-slim sheet of light that combines LED lighting technology and an exclusive 3D cutting process to give you a versatile light source that generates a soft and even beam of light virtually without any heat. It’s slim profile and low power draw make the EOS Light Frame System applicable in many different applications; especially retail and display lighting, accent and signage lighting.

Can you make shapes, such as circles, with your LED LightPanels?

Absolutely. Our LED light panels use high quality PCB board, with the LED’s mounted directly to the heatsink, which means more customization with less heat, less hassle. Many light panel companies are unable to make custom shape patterns because they rely on rigid aluminum extrusion on the edge of the acrylic which acts as the heatsink, disallowing them from creating organic shapes. If your project warrants organic shapes of this kind, please reach out to us to consult with our specializing engineering customer service representatives. Please feel free to contact us concerning any of your project needs.

Can you make your LED LightPanels frameless?

Yes, absolutely! Many of our competitors are unable to make specialized frameless LED light panel solutions because they rely on aging technology, such as the aluminum extrusion that houses the LED lights around the edges. This extrusion, while sleek, is a minimum of .5. We do, however, offer framed light panels, which can be used for a variety of installations.

Our technology allows for direct flush mounting of LED’s to the heatsink, all concealed in a frameless design which allows for many more customization, including the ultra slim profile and custom shapes that our competitors simply cannot achieve.

Are LightPanels dimmable?

Yes, we offer various options to control our light panel systems. Please reach out to our customer service team to find out what solutions we recommend.

What Color Temperatures are available?

Whatever you prefer. Our standard color temperatures are 2400k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 6000k, 6500k, but we can produce a wide range of custom color temperatures, including the RGB color spectrum. Reach out to our staff to find out more!

Are color-changing options available (RGB)?

Absolutely! We offer RGB versions of both the Light Panel Systems, Light Frame System, and Light Frame High Power. We also offer built in simple controllers or external DMX addressable controllers depending on how you want to proceed with your project.



What is EOS LightPaper?

LightPaper is a premium LED backlighting material that is thin and lightweight. It is flexible, cuttable, modular and quick to install. You can wrap it around curved surfaces, make custom shapes with it and use it as illuminated inner building material to make textured and translucent objects shine. It is available in several lumen package options and color temperatures.

Are there different types of LightPaper?

LightPaper is available for indoor use in white, tunable white, RGB, RGBW and “All in 1” (RGB and tunable white), plus diffused white (for super-low setback) –– and now EOS has added Dim-to-Warm LightPaper to the series in two varieties (3000K to 1800K when dimmed, and 2500K to 1800K when dimmed).

Can LightPaper be used Outdoors?

There are four types of Outdoor LightPaper, as well, which are rated for damp or wet locations (not fully submerged in water, however). These include basic white, tunable white, RGB and RGBW.

What is “setback”?

Setback is the term used to describe the distance needed between the LED backlighting and the surface of the material being lit from behind.  The beauty of LightPaper is that it’s suited for super-shallow setback starting at 1/4″, depending on the transparency of the illuminated material. Most can be evenly illuminated w/ 1 – 2″ setback. We fully recommend creating a mock up prior to specifying the job.

How is LightPaper mounted?

LightPaper is backed with industrial-strength 3M tape. Just peel and stick! However, you may also pin, staple or nail LightPaper at the intersections of marked, dashed lines upon which the LightPaper can be cut.

Is all LightPaper cuttable into 1” squares?

Actually, different types are LightPaper have different dashed lines upon which cuts are possible. Some are in 1” squares. Others are in strips. While others are in larger rectangles.

Are modular, custom shapes only achievable when clients/installers cut it themselves?

Actually, EOS Light offers tiling services as an adder upon request. Although this comes at an incremental cost, it also can save time – and save the expense of ordering extra material in case of any cutting errors. Additionally, with EOS tiling service also comes precise installation instructions made just for you and with labeled, delivered materials to match, for the quickest install possible.

Is LightPaper only cuttable in advance?

No! The beauty is that you may cut the LightPaper along the dashed cut lines of the material even as late in the game as on the job site during installation. This tremendous benefit of LightPaper means no time lost if an obstruction is unexpectedly discovered. For instance, at one EOS LightPaper installation, a client found that they had failed to account for a sprinkler head during the planning. No problem and no delays! Just a pair of common scissors saved the day with versatile, cuttable LightPaper.

What is the lead time for LightPaper?

For small orders, EOS LightPaper has a lead time of 21 days, which includes production time + shipping. For large projects, please consult an EOS team member for an ETA when ordering.


LightShow LED Mesh Displays

What is the maximum and minimum length for these products?

The standard widths of a panel are between 1 and 4 feet.
The standard lengths of a panel are between 4 and 60 feet depending on the specified resolution. A 4-inch resolution could yield a 20-foot panel, while 12-inch could yield a 60-foot panel.

What is the proper setback recommended to diffuse out the diodes?

Setback is tied to the resolution of the system, and the backlit material. A starting point is 1.5 to 2 times the resolution, but a practical demo should always be considered when specifying an appropriate setback.

What is the lead time?

16 weeks is the typical lead time from ARO to shipping. All lead times are subject to review at time of order.

What comes with my order?

LightShow and LightShow MAX systems consist of mounting hardware, mesh, LEDs, low voltage power and data leader cables, and low voltage power and data supplies.

Data distribution and control are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Are there power supply specs I can review?

Specification sheets and installation manuals for power supplies are available upon request.

What controllers work with your product?

While many different controllers can work, our recommendations include Pharos, CueServer, EntTec ELM, Madrix, Green Hippo, and Color Kinetics.

Are these UL listed?

All electrical components come with either a UL or cUL listing.

What is the warranty?

LightShow and LightShow MAX come with a 5 Year limited warranty.

Do you offer RGB, RGB+W, and Color Tunable that has a range of 2400K-6500K? RGB, TUNABLE WHITE?

At this time, LightShow is available in static white, color tunable and RGB.

Do you offer diffusers to help alleviate the direct view of the diodes?

Clear and translucent diffusers are available for both LightShow and LightShow MAX.

Do you offer installation?

Physical installation is not currently provided; however, we offer installation supervision services at a premium.

Supervision involves the presence of a competent, on-site technician during installation. It could also involve a competent individual to be intermittently available throughout the installation process, with a final review of the work on the back end, prior to commissioning and programming.

How do you install these?

Panels will ship with the appropriate, specified hardware. The two standard means of attachment include a shaped steel or aluminum channel, known as “strut”, or a steel or aluminum angle. Drawings provided with systems will detail the method of attachment.

Is there a user guide or installation instructions?

Drawings of the panels are provided with the purchase of a system.

For larger projects and orders, we can coordinate with design teams in specifying the correct method of attachment.

Where can I find the trouble shooting guide?

All electrical equipment will come with user guides or installation documentation. Copies of the same guides and documentation will be available online, as well.

Can these be exposed to direct contact with the natural elements?

Nodes are IP66 rated, but not suited to marine environments or prolonged exposure to salt spray. Vertical strand orientations should be avoided in wet locations. IP66 power supplies are available.

What are the dimensions of the power supply?

A few options are available, such as a rack-mount driver, which fits into standard 19-inch-wide networking racks, and surface mount drivers intended for outdoor applications. The surface mount drivers are also applicable for indoor applications where networking racks are not feasible or practical.

Where do you typically recommend for the power supply to be placed?

Within 100’ of LightShow panels; Within 200’ of LightShow MAX panels. Surface mount power supplies are available for projects where indoor power supplies are not practical or feasible, due to exposure to the elements, or dimensional constraints.

What types of shipping methods are there?

The standard method of shipping is LTL ground; however, air freight is possible at a premium.

How can I specify the correct product? What are key differences from the products that would help me specify the appropriate product?

Knowledge of an environment’s light level and the viewing distance of a surface are key factors in determining the best product. Other considerations may apply.

Are these products ever used to backlight a material or is it strictly a direct-view product?

EOS LightShow panels make excellent backlights. The individual pixel control lets you highlight areas of the fronting piece / impart a sense of motion impossible via static lighting.

How do you handle sample requests? Do you provide any materials to backlight or help sell the product?

Sample kits are available for purchase, or they can be borrowed from reps. We do not provide any materials to backlight.

What is your most popular product configuration & why?

4″ LightShow MAX is the most popular: Good output, good transparency (it’s lightweight and easy to work with), and cost effective in terms of resolution for the price.

Is there a wiring diagram available to send out to people?

Product guides typically feature simple wiring diagrams for review. For larger systems, we work closely with clients & designers in detailing out diagrams.