SLC Airport
Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City international airport (SLC) is the largest airport in Utah and is the closest commercial airport for 2.5 million people, with approximately 370 flights per day to nearly 100 North American and European destinations.

Illuminating pathways in artistic, interesting ways for this large volume of airport customers requires a lot of creativity. The challenge with airports like SLC is that they typically have ample open wall space which could hypothetically be put to good use as a source of lighting in harder to reach locations — but there’s generally not sufficient space behind walls to make room for traditional lighting fixtures. Either that, or opening up existing walls for renovations while the airport is fully operational is not feasible. Enter EOS Light.

SLC chose the EOS Cloud Luminaire solution as a surface-mountable LED fixture for lighting several of its escalators leading up to gate seating areas. The EOS Cloud Luminaire light panels are so thin – with uniform LED lighting shooting across the surface of each panel – that they can simply be hung up on walls like picture frames.