Product Videos

Deco LightPanels explained by EOS CEO Kevin Krohner

Intro to LightPanels “Quick Bites” Recorded Lunchtime Webinar

Dim-to-Warm LightPanels and cuttable LightPaper “Quick Bites” Recorded Webinar

EOS LightPaper Intro by EOS rep agency NexGen

Intro to LightPaper: Thin cuttable LED sheets

AURA Edge-to-Edge Frameless LightPanel intro by Nevada Lighting

Intro to LightShow LED Mesh Displays “Quick Bites with Omar” recorded webinar

Legacy LightPanel Intro: Details (without Dim-to-Warm)

Rep Sample Kit Unboxing Videos

Deco LightPanel Sample Kit Unboxing – Textured Metal Sheets backlit with LightPanels in a frame system as a Complete Solution

AURA Sample Kit Unboxing – Edge-to-Edge Frameless LightPanel as a Complete Solution with no assembly required

LightPaper “Inspiration Kit” Sample Kit Unboxing, now with Dim-to-Warm varieties!