Pittsburgh Historical Lobby

Pittsburgh, PA

Project: This high-profile law firm entrusted EOS Light with the creation of an entire lighting environment for their lobby entrance area. We decided to use our color-tunable Cloud Luminaire product for this job. Cloud Luminaires are squared ceiling fixtures with a clean, modern aesthetic for indoor locations that can either be surface mounted or suspended. In this case, the designer felt that a suspended look would lend to greater visual impact, distinction and memorability – to create an impression as people first entered the space.
Not only did we supply the 24 custom, oversized, suspended luminaires (that comprise two separate ceiling areas of 10 feet x 16 feet), but we were also asked to print the artwork directly to our diffuser as media.

The EOS team personally oversaw printing and assembly of the ceiling mural design directly onto the diffuser as a completely custom project. This unique, one-off project was custom-sized, custom-colored and custom-executed, which led to spectacular results.

The tunable white Cloud Luminaires are DMX/RDM dimmable and operate on a timeclock so that they can adjust intensity and the color quality of the LightPanels as the day goes on. To create different moods, the panels can be simultaneously shifted from between 2400 – 6000K or run a show to cycle through different CCTs as desired.

It’s with this kind of attention to detail that EOS Light approaches every assignment, and we can do the same for you. To learn more, click the Cloud Luminaire button below.