This thirteen-story, historic building was built 125 years ago with a majestic,
impressive and classic look by a wealthy philanthropist of the day. No
expense was spared in its construction with use of grey brick, terra cotta,
and Indiana limestone, and with polished granite columns.
So, in 2020, when it came to the renovation of the property for use as a new
boutique hotel’s entrance, it was crucial to select only the most reliable,
experienced and capable of lighting partners. EOS Light was proud to be
selected for the very entrance of the hotel, the first thing anyone sees as
they approach.

The lighting designer worked with EOS Light to select the perfect
LightPanel solution for the outdoor awnings – Outdoor Cloud
Luminaires comprised of 12 oversized custom-sized fixtures
(approx 30″ x 40″ each).
Our Outdoor Cloud Luminaires were precisely sized and fitted to
the existing architecture, perfectly integrating with the building
design and renovation intent.
Another absolute requirement of this installation was that the
bronze finish of the existing architecture be matched. So, EOS
obtained a sample of the bronze from the building and powder-coated the Cloud Luminaire frames to perfectly match.

The results were brilliant, and the client was duly impressed – so much
so that the entrance installation has been featured prominently on hotel
marketing and promotional advertising ever since.