CASE STUDY: Wesley Medical Plaza – Wichita, KS

Project: Health Strategies – Shell Project (1st & 2nd floor remodel)

EOS Light has amply demonstrated creative use of beautifying, architectural LightPanels and LightPaper in large scale and high profile outdoor installations all over the country and the world. But our solutions are versatile enough to be used in small-scale interior spaces, too. Anyplace you can imagine, EOS Light can help!

Here is one example, for instance, of how four panels were used in each of three elevators in the Wesley Medical Plaza property in Wichita, Kansas, to bolster the impressions of their space during a first and second floor remodel of public areas and infrastructure.

The architect chose translucent ceiling EOS Basic LightPanels for an interestingly designed accent look, and then supplemented the elevators with strip lighting – to look modern and bright.

These images from the final installation speak for themselves in terms of the huge impact EOS Light LED backlighting solutions can make to any space – big or small, indoor or outdoor, with different color temperatures of RGB/RGBW/DTW or Tunable White also available.