CASE STUDY: Bricken Arcade – New York City

Project Bricken Arcade – Two Adjoining Building Lobbies

The Bricken Arcade project is an interesting example of how the new Deco LightPanel complete solution by EOS Light eliminates installation hassles and confusion, while resulting in superior and stellar installations – and how it further beautifies even upscale and historically-significant, high-profile public spaces.

Up until now, the classic challenge with backlit metal pattern material in architectural spaces has been the integration between separately-sourced materials from two different suppliers. On the one hand, you have the lighting supplier (e.g. EOS Light), and on the other hand you have the separate metal pattern supplier.

The metal raw materials have not typically been manufactured with the lighting in mind, so developing a solution for them to work together on a case-by-case basis for every new project can be a very time-consuming challenge.

In this lobby case study, you’ll notice that, in the process of installing the materials, there had been a challenge with the brightness of LEDs along the frame edging of the metallic patterns, as well as trying to be sure they were fully obscured and invisible behind the separate segments of metal. These obstacles were overcome, but it added time and effort to the job.

Ultimately, as you can see from the photographs, the job did end up looking wonderful for this conjoined lobby of two historic New York City buildings.

However, this backlit metal pattern job preceded the availability of our turnkey complete lighting solution, so the installers needed to work with independent materials from multiple sources. Without EOS Deco LightPanels, it was not without its installation issues that could’ve been minimized or completely eliminated… Just unbox Deco LightPanels, plug them in and hang them. No assembly required. No coordination with more than one supplier. EOS has already done all of the legwork to reduce confusion and save time. Why reinvent the wheel?

Select your pattern from our catalog of hundreds or submit your own custom pattern, choose indoor or outdoor light panels, or Color Tuning, Dim-to-Warm, RGB or RGBW. Pick a metal finish color or provide a RAL number. Indicate your dimensions or even specify situations where there is a slanted portion of your wall, or an area where sprinklers or fire alarm must protrude. We can work around all of these customizations to deliver a finished product out of the box that makes installation a breeze.

Now, with Deco LightPanels, gorgeous results like the ones you see here can be yours simply, quickly and affordably!